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About Joy Collins

I knew I wanted to be a writer as soon as I learned what a book was. Getting a library card, for me, was as exciting as going to Disneyland - maybe better. Reading was fun but then I discovered writing! Ah, that was where the magic happened. Creating my own world and having total control over it - it was the stuff any shy awkward little kid dreamed of.

I wanted to be a journalism major in college, but my guidance counselor talked me out of it. Back then, nursing or teaching were the only professions women were encouraged to pursue. So, my dream of becoming a writer was put on hold for the next few - make that many - years as life took precedence. Now that life has settled down, I have found that the urge to write won't let me be and I have once again put my virtual pencil to paper.

My early publications were magazine articles – mostly medical given my background. But making up stories has always been my first love. Fiction is where I wanted to be. I started playing a game of 'what-if' one day with an idea that had been rolling around my mind and the seeds for Second Chance started to sprout. I drew on my own emotional experience as a second wife and stepmother while giving Sara, the protagonist, her voice.

I am happiest when I am placing my characters in difficult situations and then letting them guide me out of them. I always try to include a relevant topic from today as well. My second novel, Coming Together, written with co-author Joyce Norman, is the story of a young film-maker and who falls in love with an orphan baby boy in Brazil and attempts to bring him home to the United States. Our book is set in the 1980's and was influenced by a true story.

My third book is a different turn for me – a memoir. My husband died suddenly and unexpectedly in May 2010. Losing him was the worst thing that has ever happened to me and my journey since then has been life changing. My need to know he was all right and still with me propelled me in a direction I never anticipated. I have wonderful loving memories of our physical life together but now I also have learned that love never dies. Love is transformed and we can continue relationships with our loved ones after they have transitioned. I explain my experiences in I Will Never Leave You.

My 4th book – No Other Choice is a romance that tries to answer the question "What if the true love of your life left you and then returned many years later?" Could you pick up where you left off? Would you want to?

I am already hard at work on my next book – a fun tale involving reincarnation.

In my "spare" time, I read every chance I get. I have also taken up photography and watercolor painting. Prints of my work as well as other items made from them can be found here. And I also take care of my little fur family: goldendoodle Bella, and marmalade kitties Riley and Chaz. Riley even has his own blog! Check it out here to see what he and his buddies have gotten into recently.

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