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I Will Never Leave YouI Will Never Leave You: a soul mate's promise
by Joy Collins

Price: $14.95 USD
ISBN-13: 978-0-9889850-3-2
Publisher: Desert Spirit Press
Year of Publication: 2017
Format: Paperback
Page Count: 234

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Description: Joy Collins is the gentle guide who has walked this journey of soul mate loss. Her clear message is hope, for she has discovered the reality of a love and life with a soulmate after death. She shares the deep soulmate relationship she had with her husband John and how his untimely death put that relationship to the ultimate test.

Learn how this book can help you experience a connection and a communication you thought you had lost forever. In many ways, this is also a metaphysical how-to manual and Joy adds, ..". communication with loved ones who have passed is not only possible but practical and happening all the time if we but know how to receive the messages."

Second Chance first editionSecond Chance by Joy Collins, First Edition

Price: $16.95 USD
ISBN-10: 0984431918
ISBN-13: 978-0984431915
Publisher: Desert Spirit Press
Year of Publication: 2010 [third edition]
Format: Paperback
Page Count: 256

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Description: Sara Weber doesn't think her marriage is going to survive!

She has always felt she was married to two people—her husband and his ex-wife. Suddenly her world—and her marriage—is turned upside down when his ex demands money for their college-age daughter. Her husband's response? He wants his daughter to move across the country to Arizona, live with him and Sara, and attend the local university.

As if this weren't enough stress, Sara's mother is becoming more senile and Sara has to help her sister place her only living parent in a nursing home. When Sara's stepdaughter is in a car accident, the ex swoops in and attempts to re-kindle a relationship with Sara's husband. Devastated, Sara turns to the last person she ever thought could help her – her own stepmother – and discovers a secret her mother has been hiding from her since she was a child. This news forces Sara to face her own feelings toward her husband and his daughter.

Second Chance is the story of one woman's marriage and how she learns that understanding and forgiveness might be the keys to a second chance at love.

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Coming TogetherComing Together by Joy Collins and Joyce Norman

Price: $2.99 USD, Kindle Only
ISBN: 978-0-9840836-2-6
Publisher: Desert Spirit Press
Year of Publication: 2009
Page Count: 226

Description: Coming Together is a story of love and foreign intrigue; a story of the coming together of cultures, passion, and of unbelievable hope in the face of staggering odds. Lives are at stake when Daisy, Luis, and Isabella take on the Brazilian dictatorship in order to bring freedom and a future to those who matter most.


Joy Collins Books

Joy Collins Books